General. Our firm covers the entire gamut of real-estate related services.  Our firm is dedicated to providing lenders with excellent service in the closing process.  We believe that we are truly an extension of the lender, and although we are a separate entity, we work closely with the Lender’s decision makers and Loan Officers to ensure that the parties at each refinance or purchase closing know that we are on the same team as the Lender.  Our clients include direct lenders, brokers, realtors, contractors, developers, private investors and, of course, homeowners.

Refinances. Our primary service involves closing loans from direct lenders who offer the best refinancing programs available in Georgia.  We work closely with the Lender to ensure that each customer’s loan is closed with sensitivity to the needs of the borrower and efficiency for the lender.  We succeed at this process by eliminating potential issues related to payoffs, liens and documents before the parties come to the closing table.  We work with some of the nation’s most recognized direct lenders, streamlining the entire process from title order to the recording of the deed.

Purchases and Sales. We offer a comfortable environment to facilitate the needs of any type of purchase or sale.  Whether closing a sale between two individuals or multiple individuals (or entities), we focus on communication and details prior to the closing so that settlement of the property is completed with the confidence of all involved.  Our facility is designed for optimal comfort with plush furniture and refreshments to accommodate the purchaser and seller during the transaction.  We recognize the need to satisfy not only the details of the contract, documents and finances – but also the comfort needs of our clientele.


Construction Loan Closings. We understand the timing and unique issues of construction loans.  The timely filing of documents at the courthouse provides continuity in the chain of title as a developer completes a project.  This is extremely important step in the process to eliminate bottlenecks as the property is subsequently sold to a prospective purchaser.  The firm has a strong practice involving the closing residential construction loans, including title updates throughout the construction phase in order to confirm construction disbursements are insured accordingly.

Real Estate Contract Review. We have a team of experienced attorneys and business professionals who are well versed in contract law and in identification of potential pitfalls related to real-estate contracts.  Each transaction is reviewed by multiple personnel to ensure that critical analysis has been completed before a transaction occurs.  Our state-of-the-art systems, technology and document updates provide access to the most standard resources available in the industry, specifically as these documents relate to changed laws and statues.

Title Insurance Matters. We also serve as approved agent to issue title insurance commitments and policies on behalf of two national title insurance underwriters - Stewart Title Guaranty Company & Old Republic Title Insurance Company.  Our strong network of professional relationship provides our lenders with assurance that each transaction that we handle will be backed by the strongest financial resources.  Multiple layers of insurance within our organization (from our title network to our own insurance) provide the lender peace of mind.  Because of this comfort level, our experience in the industry and our professionalism – our clientele has returned to our organization over the years for their needs.