D. Wesley Jordan, P.C. 

Trustworthy Real Estate Lawyer in Alpharetta, GA

Closings, Insurance, Titles and More

At the law office of D. Wesley Jordan, P.C., we offer a comprehensive line of residential real estate services. Conveniently located in Alpharetta, GA, our real estate attorney will get the job done thoroughly and accurately. Vetted by all the major lenders and boasting quick closing processes, our real estate lawyer is dependable and affordable.  

If you are a mortgage lender or real estate agent looking for an experienced attorney to work with you or your clients, we're here to help! Wes has clients from all areas and is dedicated to delivering custom care to everyone he serves. 

Real Estate Closings

Serving residential clients through every part of the closing process, we’re here for all your real estate needs. Our attorney oversees and ensures all documentation in the transaction is executed thoroughly and accurately. With superior attention to detail, we make sure every aspect of the process is appropriately addressed.   

Title Searches

With a rapid title search turnaround period, we make sure every process is completed efficiently and accurately. At the law office of D. Wesley Jordan, P.C., we take great care in even the smallest details of every property. With a vast knowledge of real estate law, there’s no title search that’s too difficult for our attorney.    


Make sure you’re protected from problems throughout the buying and selling process with a comprehensive title insurance policy. Looking out for property buyers and mortgage lenders alike, our real estate attorney is here to ensure the process goes smoothly. We use reliable financial resources for every transaction and ensure even all the details are settled.

When in need of a real estate attorney, let the law office of D. Wesley Jordan, P.C. guide you through the process.